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McCoys's Action Karate will boost your child's levels of FOCUS, ENERGY, CONCENTRATION, and ENTHUSIASM - Guaranteed!

The McCoy’s Action Karate Difference

McCoy’s Action Karate guarantees that your child will have energy, greater levels of concentration, better ability to focus and more enthusiasm for life. Watch as your child becomes more confident and starts to enjoy a higher self-esteem. He or she will learn self-control and respect as part of our fun and exciting program geared specifically at kids and teens.

It’s a simple fact that everyone needs to be able to focus. It’s hard for kids to learn this valuable skill, and that can lead to them struggling in all aspects of their lives. The challenges will continue on into adulthood. Fortunately, it’s never too late for kids and teens to learn how to focus.

As a parent, you might not know how to counteract the challenges they have with focusing. There is a solution. The key lies in finding an activity that you child will enjoy and fall in love with, and one that will build the ability to focus.

Karate is that activity. Kids enjoy it because it’s fun. They love it when they realize that they can do cool things like spinning rear kicks. They will be so proud when they learn how to break out of a bear hug or what to do if someone grabs their shoulder. Because they are having fun with the process, and because they want to continue learning the specific movements, they will start focusing more.

Proven Results

I am Master McCoy and I am the owner and Master Instructor at McCoy’s Action Karate. We are one of the best known martial arts schools serving the Spencer, Sturbridge and Auburn, Massachusetts areas. We are also one of the fastest growing schools in the area. I have more than thirty years of experience teaching children martial arts and watching as they grow and benefit from the lessons. Our martial arts program offers more benefits than any other program for kids. We do more than teach your child how to punch and block. We are so certain that you’ll be impressed with the program that we’re willing to let you test drive it at no charge.

You and your child have a chance to discover what hundreds of families in the area already know. You will see that there is an activity that can help you child be more confident with greater self-control and respect. He will learn amazing self-defense skills as part of a martial arts program that is fun and exciting. Focus will improve, she will have more energy in the mornings and he will know how to stand up to and walk away from bullies. You will watch with excitement as your child becomes better able to study and less concerned about peer pressure.

Extra Activities

We offer more than just lessons here at McCoy’s Action Karate. We also offer students the opportunities to come in for fun extra activities. We have movie nights throughout the year and holiday parties. Parent’s night out allows you to go enjoy a date while your child hangs out in a safe environment. We participate in tournaments, regular contests and challenges that will help your child push herself to achieve the next level.

Beginner Program

You may be wondering how I’ve done it. You may not believe that McCoy’s Action Karate really can do these things for your child. With my free trial lesson and beginner program, you can afford to give the program a try and see the amazing results for yourself.

The first lesson is FREE and our $99 QUICK START program will provide your child with lessons for a full month and a free uniform! Call today for more information and to set up an appointment.

Auburn 508-832-4110