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Change your life with Martial Arts training at McCoy's Action Karate!

Here at McCoy's Action Karate we have over 30 years of experience training people in Martial Arts. We would not have lasted this long if we were another average Karate school. Our instructors are some of the best available, and are constantly learning better methods to train our students. We hand select our instructors to ensure that they can train students of all ages and experience levels.

A Modern Take on Ancient Arts

The Martial Arts have a history that goes back thousands of years. At McCoy's Action Karate we take these ancient techniques and pair them with Modern Teaching Techniques. This involves individualized plans that take into account each student's level of experience, age and physical fitness to tailor make a plan that will work best for that person. That is not to say that we change the basics for everyone, but that we will work with you to best train you in those fundamentals.

We Teach More than Martial Arts...

We have heard from many of our students that they feel that one of the most powerful things that they have received from their training is the drive and desire to do more in the classroom, at the job and in their personal life. At McCoy's Action Karate we have discovered that there is Power of Purpose, and that's your purpose. We will teach you more than just fitness, self-defense and martial arts skills that you may think is all the training is about. No matter who you are or what you think of your abilities we can guide you through learning the skills that will last you a lifetime.

Adult Programs

At McCoy's Action Karate we understand that most people don't just want to learn a martial art, they want to get physically fit while they do it. That's why we make sure that all of our training programs include fitness training as a major component.

Professional Martial Artists constantly train to maintain peak physical fitness because every time they compete they face the amazing challenge of another well trained opponent. We don't expect our students to go into competitive Martial Arts, but we do believe that we need to do our best to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Crime is always a concern no matter where you are, and you want your self-defense skills to work when you need to rely on them. We specialize in self-defense training that is effective in the real world and that you can learn in a short period of time with our easy to learn instruction.

Kids Program

You know by now that Martial Arts training for your child at McCoy's Action Karate will give them plenty of physical benefits such as: improved coordination, balance, improved motor skills and better health. Don't forget that mental fitness is a major component of Martial Arts training as well.

The training method we use helps instill positive values into all of our students. Discipline, self-control, confidence and concentration are all important parts of the training that will help your child in all ares of their life. These traits are so important to our training that we take the time to make sure that our lessons are having a positive impact on the lives of our students. Every month we sit down with our students, their parents and the instructors for a feedback session to ensure that they are improving. We take this feedback and adjust our training of each student to address the issues that are brought to light. When we say that we will change your child's life, it is a promise not just a motto.

Call now to learn about either our FREE Trial Lesson or our $99 “QUICK START” beginner plan that covers a uniform and your first month of lessons!

Auburn 508-832-4110